Does Jeep Cherokee have good resale value?

Does Jeep Cherokee have good resale value?

For years, consumers have been choosing the Jeep Cherokee above any other SUV on the market. The Cherokee comes with several features that make it the perfect vehicle for almost anyone. While everyone knows that the Cherokee is a great car when you buy in new, some people are curious if it is worth buying a used Cherokee. So, does the Jeep Cherokee have a good resale value and is it worth buying a used Jeep Cherokee? Keep reading to find out more about the Jeep Cherokee's resale value.


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Jeep Cherokees come with an Outstanding Warranty


One of the things that make buying a used Jeep Cherokee worthwhile is the fact that it could come with a comprehensive warranty.


All Jeep vehicles come with 3 year or 60,000-kilometer basic warranty that covers a lot of general problems that can arise with the vehicle and it also comes with a $0 deductible. Jeeps also come with a 5 year or 160,000-kilometer rust-through warranty that covers the body of the vehicle.


Both of these warranties are completely transferrable. So, if you were to buy a Cherokee that still had its original warranty on it, you would be able to transfer the warranty into your name

and you will still be able to have your vehicle fixed for little to no cost to you if something were to break on it.


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Cherokees usually Come with Affordable Insurance Rates


Because jeep Cherokees come with a comprehensive list of safety features, they are usually cheaper to insure than other SUVs on the market today. On average, some owners have reported being able to save a couple of hundred dollars a year on insurance.


Additionally, because insurance is so cheap on the Cherokee, many customers are able to afford more coverage, like full coverage, on their vehicle, when in the past, they were only able to afford the minimum amount of coverage that was allowed by the law.


Jeep Cherokees are less expensive to Fix


In case your warranty on your Cherokee runs out or you find yourself having to replace a part that may not be covered, you still shouldn't be out too much money. On average, replacement parts for the Cherokee are considerably less expensive than replacement parts for other vehicles.


Jeep Cherokees are a Fun and Versatile Vehicle


Jeep Cherokees are known for their off-roading capabilities. Because they also feature a wide range of luxurious and comfort features, this makes them the perfect vehicle for work and for play. The Cherokee also offers plenty of interior space that is perfect for carpools or hauling large cargo.


When you purchase a used Jeep Cherokee, you are getting all of the amazing features that the Cherokee has to offer, but you are only paying a fraction of the original price.


Buying a used Jeep Cherokee can be a wise investment that will give you a dependable and reliable vehicle for years. If you would like to see what the Jeep Cherokee has to offer, contact us today. We have a large selection of used Jeep Cherokees in Calgary to choose from.

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