VIP Tire Storage

We are the VIP Tire Storage for your winter/summer tires. Storing tires yourself can be messy and difficult, especially when you have space limitations.

Trust Eastside Dodge's VIP Tire Storage to take care of the hassle.

Simply call us to book an appointment to get your winter tires installed, and ask us to store your summer tires at the VIP Tire Storage. When it is time to have your summer tires re-installed, just call us and make an appointment. It is that easy!! Let the VIP Tire Storage service take care of it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the VIP Tire Storage do?

We store customers' off-season tires (winter/summer).

Where is the VIP Tire Storage located?

It is located in the Calgary area.

What do I do if I want to have my tires stored at the VIP Tire Storage?

Call or visit Eastside Dodge and have your tires changed over to the appropriate seasonal tires. Leave your off-season tires with us and we will send them to the VIP Tire Storage facility.

How do I contact the VIP Tire Storage?

You may email

How long will it take to get my tires back from the VIP Tire Storage?

1 to 2 days, so be sure to schedule an appointment ahead of time. You may also reach us by calling 403-273-7755.

My tires are expensive. Are they safe and insured?

We are fully insured and the tires remain under 24 hr security.

How much does it cost to store tires?

Call 403-273-7755 for complete price guide and special promotions.

What's included in the tire swap?

The tire swap includes the removal of existing wheels and tires and the installation of stored wheels and tires. Additional charges apply to tires not already mounted and balanced on a second set of rims.