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Help me; I've been in an Accident!

Click here if you were recently involved in an accident and need help figuring things out.

What to do in case of an accident...

Not sure what to do if you ever get involved in an accident? See our list of "best practices".


Please call 403-235-8279... to book a repair estimate. Note that our estimators work from 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Collision Sticker!


A collision sticker is required by law when damage exceeds $2,000 dollars. Damage stickers inform the police that the collision has been reported and allows for auto-body shops to repair the damaged motor vehicle. Collision stickers are not required when damage was caused by vandalism. Visit your local police office to get your sticker; no appointment is necessary!

When to do the repairs?


Once your insurance provider has approved the estimate, you will need to schedule the repairs. It would be inadvisable to repair your vehicle first and then make a claim to your insurance.

It's your choice!


Most insurance providers will recommend a repair shop in your area, but please make a note that you have the final say at where to have your vehicle repaired. The majority of our customers prefer to have their repairs done at Eastside Dodge because all of our techs are Chrysler certified and we have the largest MOPAR parts distribution centre in the city!
Eastside Collision Centre

Do we repair other brands?



Absolutely! We are licensed to repair any and all brands of vehicles, so don't be shy about giving us a try no matter how big or small the damage is! If you have any questions for the Collision Manager, you can email him here!