Credit Rebuilding

Bad credit or no credit? No problem!

Don't worry if your credit is not so perfect; we have one of the best records in the city to get you on your way to near-perfect credit! We have helped thousands of people rebuild their credit, either coming out of a bad divorce, bankruptcy, collections, or no credit.

Are you a CA$H kind of person?

If so, you know how hard it is to buy a car or apply for a bank loan. Our team has successfully attained loans for people just like you, just get in touch with us and we'll come up with a plan!

New to Canada?

Congratulations, we are happy we can call you our neighbour and understand how frustrating it can be to get a car loan if you are new to the country, but don't worry so much because we specialize in helping new immigrants settle in and build their Canadian credit score!

Would it help if someone spoke your language? Some of our employees started out as immigrants just like you, perhaps we can get their help communicating with you. Here are their country flags:

Credit Report and Credit Score

The credit report summarizes all of your credit history in Canada. It will include your personal information such as your current and previous address, as well as employment information. It can also include bank account information, credit cards, bankruptcies, debt and a list of people or companies who made inquiries about your credit.

Your credit score indicates the risk you represent to banks compared to other consumers. Here are some factors that can affect your overall score:

  • How long you've had credit in Canada.
  • Your history of making payments on loans and credit cards.
  • Your outstanding debt (are you close to your limit?)
  • The types of credit that you are using (credit card, loans, etc...)
  • Any record of bankruptcies or collections.
  • The number of recent inquiries about your credit.

Will checking your credit affect your approval?

Yes, and No, it depends on who is checking your credit and how many checks they do. If you check your credit with Equifax for example, no points will be deducted from your score. If another dealer checks your credit multiple times, it will affect your chances of getting approved. Please understand that a simple thing such as applying for a new cell phone or if you want to increase your credit card limit; will count as checking your credit but know that they need your consent first.

If you are trying to rebuild your credit, our advice is that you DO NOT apply for any phones or let anyone else check your credit until you speak with us first. The fewer inquiries that appear on your credit report, the more we can help you.

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