Ram 1500 REV


Get ready for a revolution in the truck industry as the Ram 1500 REV is all set to lead the charge with its upgraded exterior design, state-of-the-art technology, and outstanding electric power. Be prepared for its release in Fall 2024.


Utilizing the advanced STLA body-on-frame technology, the Ram 1500 REV showcases an unmatched capacity for performance, surpassing expectations with exceptional standards for towing, payload, range, and overall capability, all without sacrificing quality.



Inspired by our Ram Revolution Concept, the updated front grille design showcases an illuminated Ram emblem, providing a striking and futuristic appearance. This redesign is all about embracing the future and making a bold statement on the road.


Enhanced by the redesigned grille, the signature lighting is accentuated, and the LED headlamps project a clear and precise light beam.

The smart charging port is equipped with identification lights to indicate that charging is currently underway. Meanwhile, in the cabin, you can conveniently monitor the charging status and the estimated time of completion through the touchscreen and digital gauge.


The Ram 1500 REV boasts an array of inventive Frunk Storage solutions, with the highlight being the brand-new Frunk.
Equipped with accessible onboard power and exceptional cargo room, thiS game-changing storage option also ensures secure, weatherproof protection for your belongings.

Inside the Next-Level Interior of this electric powerhouse, you'll discover an array of state-of-the-art technologies, opulent enhancements, and exceptional cabin comforts.