Calgary's Best Camping Spots for a Weekend Getaway in Your Ram Truck

Calgary's Best Camping Spots for a Weekend Getaway in Your Ram Truck

Are you ready for a weekend getaway filled with adventure and breathtaking views? Look no further than the beautiful Calgary and its surrounding areas! And what better way to explore this stunning landscape than in trusty Ram trucks in Calgary? With plenty of space for all your camping gear and the power to tackle any terrain, your Ram truck is the perfect companion for your weekend camping trip. So pack your bags, grab your keys, and let's hit the road to explore Calgary's best camping spots!


McLean Creek Campground

Located about an hour's drive southwest of Calgary, McLean Creek offers off-road trails for all skill levels and various camping options, from tent sites to RV hookups. This place has modern amenities, including washrooms, a playground for children, sewage disposal, fire pits, an amphitheatre, and freshwater availability.


Calgary West Campground

This campground is just 15 minutes west of Calgary and offers easy access to off-road trails and hiking/biking paths. They also have a variety of amenities, including a heated pool and hot tub. This is one of the best camping spots near Calgary and is a favourite among weekend campers.


Bow RiversEdge Campground

Located about 30 minutes east of Calgary, Bow RiversEdge offers a peaceful setting along the Bow River with easy access to off-road trails and fishing. This is a regular campsite with access to power, laundry, wifi and washrooms.


Mountain View Calgary Camping

This campground is located in the heart of Alberta's farm and is 3km east of Calgary. It offers stunning mountain views, off-road trails, and a variety of camping options. This has 180 full-service RV sites with a ton of amenities. It also offers an 18-hole mini golf course and other facilities to make your holiday worthwhile.


Calaway Park Campground

Located just 10km from Calgary, Calaway Park offers a family-friendly camping experience with easy access to the amusement park and nearby off-road trails. It has 32 rides, food locations, a 3D theatre, live entertainment, a 3D cinematic stage, and more.


Elbow River Provincial Recreation Area

Located about an hour's drive southwest of Calgary, Elbow River offers a peaceful camping experience with access to hiking trails and fishing. It is located in the Bragg Creek area. This spot has 100 sites and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. They also allow rooms for tents and trailers. This is one of the best off-roading trails in Calgary.


Riverbend Campground

Located about 45 minutes southeast of Calgary, Riverbend offers a quiet camping experience along the Highwood River with access to off-road trails. It is best known for its Rocky Mountain and Ranchland view. It has several amenities, including a chapel, a mini golf course, laundry, and washrooms.


Okotoks Lions Campground

This campground is just 20 minutes south of Calgary and offers a peaceful setting with easy access to off-road trails and nearby attractions. It has tenting facilities, an on-site dump station, showers, fire pits, a gas facility, a playground, picnic shelter and tables, pedestrian parks, restaurants, summer camping, and a hospital nearby.


Upgrade Your Ram Truck for Calgary's Wilderness

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