Staff - Pre-Owned Sales

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  • Kevin O'Donovan
    Sales Manager
    (403) 273-4313

  • Danny McNabb
    Sales Manager
    (403) 273-4313

    "I'm probably the best Scratch 'N Lottery ticket player in the world"

  • Pranjee Bhat
    Sales Specialist

    Pranjee was born and raised in India. He has been in the automotive industry for 5 years and has worked with Eastside Dodge since 2016. Pranjee loves playing cricket in his spare time. Whenever Pranjee can a free moment, he loves to sing all the Bollywood hits to his family and friends. Pranjee is passionate about meeting new people and giving his customers the best car buying experience possible.

  • Laurence Perez
    Sales Specialist
    (403) 402-1539

    Laurence was born in the Philippines and has lived in Canada since 2008. He then went to college to become an automotive technician in Toronto and moved to Calgary in 2014. Laurence has been in the automotive industry for 5 to 6 years and is still loving it. You can find him playing basketball, hiking, camping and all other outdoor activities in his spare time.  Laurence is also fluent in English and Tagalog.

  • Joey Pineo
    Sales Specialist
    (403) 952-9896

    Joey has been with Eastside Dodge since 2017, and in the automotive industry for his entire adult life. Most of that time spent as an Automotive Technician. Born in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, you can usually find Joey adhering to his ketogenic diet, a minimalist lifestyle, cheating on his ketogenic diet (w/ McDonalds), long distance running, bragging about said distance, yoga, and sparse functional training. (Typical millennial!) He loves Calgary in which he proclaims, "it's a world-class city!", his close-knit friends, and the only two shows they watch; Big Brother and Game of Thrones. Joey also follows the NHL closely, err, let's say very closely! With any time remaining, you'll find him working on UX design/front-end development while upgrading Python skills.

  • Deepak Harrar
    Sales Specialist
    (403) 605-6820

    Deepak has been in the automotive industry for 13 years, during those 13 years he's been with us here at Eastside since 2009. On his spare time, he enjoys playing sports. Deepak has been married for 2 years and recently just became a homeowner. His weekly routine includes watching Game Of Thrones every Sunday.

  • Derrick Kroeker
    Sales Specialist
    (403) 608-8539

    Derrick has been in various area's of the automotive Industry over the last 12 years including marketing, service, parts and sales. He enjoys time with his family, watching movies and making an outstanding cup of coffee. Derrick is also passionate about music as he has played the trumpet for 10 years and was a member of the Calgary Stampede Showband for 4 years.

  • Martin Derezinski
    Sales Specialist
    (403) 401-7439

  • Braiden Macedo
    Sales Specialist
    (250) 801-6992

  • Caeser Kassoua
    Sales Specialist
    (403) 477-4418

  • Sheldon Hamel
    Sales Specialist
    (403) 464-7406