Staff - New Sales Team

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  • Josh Sanders
    Sales Manager
    (403) 273-4313 x 386

    Josh comes to Eastside Dodge from a small town in Southern Ontario. His interest in cars began at a very young age when he started 'helping' his dad out in the garage. Since the age of two Josh has been feeding his passion for cars and continues his hobby to this day as an avid collector and restorer of vintage Mopar vehicles.

  • Rob Kean
    Sales Manager
    (403) 235-7693

      Rob was born in Newfoundland but grew up in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. He moved to Calgary in 2006 and hasn't looked back! He loves everything that Calgary has to offer. From amazing restaurants, countless golf courses, endless entertainment and only an hour away from the mountains! Rob has over 16 years of retail experience and loves the car industry.  In fact, a lot of his family members are in the business as well.

  • Jason Scott
    Sales Specialist
    (403) 903-6966

    Jason was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario alongside two brothers and one sister. He moved to Calgary, Alberta in 2008. Jason has one child and has been with his girlfriend for 11 years- and yes marriage is on the horizon for him. He likes playing all sports and loves to do draw portrait. He has been in the Eastside business since 2014 year and loves his opportunities to help people.

  • Alex MacFarlane
    Sales Specialist
    (587) 436 0269

    Alex was raised in London Ontario. His career in fine dining took him all over Alberta including Banff, Edmonton and Calgary. Alex has been in the Automotive Industry for years now and at Eastside Dodge since 2015. Alex is a family man with a wife and Son. He enjoys playing basketball, mountain biking, skiing & cooking in his free time.

  • Marlon Molina
    Sales Specialist
    (403) 612-4895

    Marlon has been in the automotive Industry and worked for Eastside dodge since 2017. He became fluent in English and Spanish by moving back and forth between Canada and Guatemala as a child. Marlon enjoys playing soccer, reading books and listening to music during his spare time.

  • Mark Peckham
    Sales Specialist
    (587) 434-7973

    Mark was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta and has been enjoying the automotive Industry at Eastside Dodge since 2017. Mark enjoys how challenging yet rewarding his career is and loves meeting new people and helping them find the perfect vehicle to suit their lifestyle. He also enjoys Playing hockey, travelling and motocross

  • Ryan Devlin
    Sales Specialist
    (403) 804-2878

    Ryan was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ryan is a hardcore Flames fan(Go Flames Go!) BUT he also has a special spot in his heart for the Winnipeg Jets. He loves golfing, playing hockey, and taking his golden retriever, Stella, to the dog park. Ryan has over 10 years of sales experience and has been in the automotive industry with Eastside Dodge since 2017. Ryan is dedicated to building long lasting relationships with his clients.

  • Hitesh Bhagwani
    Sales Specialist
    (403) 400-7433

    Hitesh has been in the automotive business and worked at Eastside Dodge since 2017. He was born and raised in New Delhi, India and moved to Canada 6 years ago. Hitesh has travelled across western Europe, the Middle East and the United States. Out of all the places he has been, he as discovered his two biggest passions are people and automobiles. He loves when these two come together as his profession. Whenever Hitesh gets the chance, he loves to travel to a new destination, watching his favourite soccer team (Manchester City) and driving through the mountains. Hitesh is also fluent in Hindi, Punjabi, Sindhi and Marathi.

  • Greg Westgarde
    Sales Specialist
    (587) 227-7270

    Greg grew up in Prince George B.C. Greg has been with Eastside Dodge since 2018. He loves to cook and enjoys the outdoors. Most of his spare time is spent with his family, playing music, and hiking in the Rockies

  • Mike Wolfe
    Sales Specialist
    (403) 803-2515

    Mike was born and raised in Alberta. He has been in the automotive industry since June of 2018 and at Eastside Dodge since April of 2019. Mike enjoys meeting new people as well as helping people find their perfect vehicle so they can drive away happy as that is always the best reward.

  • Martin Derezinski
    Sales Specialist
    (403) 401-7439

  • Shane McGivern
    Sales Specialist
    (587) 227-9377

    Shane was born in Montreal, Quebec and moved to Calgary with his family when he was 12 years old. He's been a Calgarian ever since, growing up playing sports and then spending 10 years in the Oil & Gas industry. Shane loves to explore Calgary's music, camping and hiking with his family and two dogs. He's new to the Automotive industry but is excited and eager to learn.

  • Dylan Salahub
    Sales Specialist
    (306) 821-6933

  • Amando Catahan
    Lot Attendant