Staff - Finance Team

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  • Derek McLeod
    Finance Manager
    (403) 273-4313 x 309

    Originally from a small town in Alberta, Derek began his sales experience working for a local electronics store. He soon realized his knack for sales and desired to branch out in search of something new. Derek moved to Calgary and worked for 9 years at Visions Electronics. He eventually made it to Eastside Dodge where he began as a sales consultant- selling cars for his first 3 years. Derek was later given the opportunity to move into the finance department where for the last 5.5 years has happily been a finance manager.

  • Ricardo Bravo
    Finance Manager
    (403) 273-4313 x 4235

    Ricardo grew up in Colombia and moved to Canada at age 20. Initially the move was going to be temporary (as he was attending school as an international student) but then met the woman who would later become his future wife and decided to stay. He was introduced to the car business by one of his friends (finance manager Danny Jenkins). Just like coming to Canada, he thought Eastside was going to be a temporary thing but fell in love once again and decided to make the business his life! Coming from Colombia Ricardo is fluent in Spanish, loves soccer (watching and playing), practices yoga and works out regularly. He does his best to live a healthy lifestyle mostly so that he can keep up with his toddler son Gabriel. He is also trying to learn how to play hockey which has been has slow and sometimes painful process but all in all is a lot of fun. If Ricardo is not at work finding the right vehicle for the right price for his customers, he's most likely spending time with his wife Geneve and his son Gabriel.

  • Marlon Molina
    Finance Manager
    (403) 235-8285

    Marlon has been in the automotive Industry and worked for Eastside dodge since 2017. He became fluent in English and Spanish by moving back and forth between Canada and Guatemala as a child. Marlon enjoys playing soccer, reading books and listening to music during his spare time.

  • Moe Farooq
    Finance Manager
    (403) 681-7921

    Moe Farooq grew up in London, England before moving to Canada in 2002. His passion for communication and knowledge led him to a career in sales. Moe joined Eastside Dodge in 2010 and has enjoyed his experience ever since. Titles include Eastside Bowling Champion as well as the Eastside Golf Championship semi finalist.

  • Terry Langdon
    Finance Manager
    (403) 690-9624

    Terry moved from his home province, Ontario in 2008, and has since made Calgary his home. Coming from a background of 17 years in the casino industry he excels in customer service and in making sure that all of his customers leave the dealership smiling and happy. After only 6 years in sales, he has proven to be an asset to Eastside Dodge and we are sure you will get that feeling when you meet him. Make a sure bet and contact Terry for your next vehicle today!