Jeep 4x4 Basics

The Basics of Jeep 4x4 Systems

Jeep has a history of reliability and flexibility going all the way back to the beginning of the company. Whether you need to get to work in inclement weather or going off-roading while enjoying scenery in the country, Jeep's 4x4 systems are equipped with advanced handling and traction to prepare you for any adventure that awaits. Here is some basic information compiled by the team at Eastside Dodge in Calgary, AB on how the legendary Jeep 4x4 systems work.


Standard on Wrangler Rubicon and Unlimited Rubicon models, the Rock-Trac® part-time 4x4 is a heavy-duty system that features brake lock differentials for better control on any road. This system has a low gear ratio of 4:1, meaning that it has enough torque to crawl over large obstacles and impress anyone. An electronic front sway bar disconnect also helps the Rock-Trac® 4x4 system battle even the toughest terrain, letting you maintain control and enjoy your travels without concern.


Similar to the Rock-Trac® system, the Command-Trac 4x4 System is suitable for all road surfaces from snow-covered pavement to sand or gravel. Torque is split between the front and rear axles at a 50-50 ratio giving you power no matter the angle the vehicle is at. The Command-Trac® system is capable of being shifted from 2-wheel drive to 4-wheel drive at speeds up to 88km/h letting you switch things up as necessary.


The Jeep Quadra-Drive II® 4X4 system delivers control on any road condition with confidence thanks to a low-range gear ratio of 2.71:1. This system is available on Jeep Cherokee Limited, Overland, and Summit models and works with the standard Selec-Terrain Traction Management System to provide customizable capability. Able to keep you and your passengers safe in any inclement weather you may encounter, or when pushing your off-road adventures to the maximum, Quadra-Drive® is sure to keep you where you need to be.

Quadra-Trac I, II, and SRT Systems

The Quadra-Trac I® 4x4 is perfect for those who want all-weather capability without having to think twice. This 4x4 system senses road conditions and automatically adjusts itself accordingly. The Quadra-Trac I® 4x4 has a 48% to 52% front to rear power ratio and comes standard on all Grand Cherokee Laredo models. The Quadra-Trac II® 4x4 is capable in virtually any driving situation. This full time 4x4 system can instantly direct 100% of the torque to a given axle when tire slippage is detected. Low-range gear ratio can be used for extreme off-road conditions or stormy weather. Standard on the Grand Cherokee SRT is the Quadra-Trac SRT®, designed to handle the extreme power produced by the SRT V8. The Quadra-Trac SRT® system includes the toughest transfer case that Jeep has ever designed, and is capable of sending all of the vehicle's torque to one rear wheel. If it needs power, it gets it with the Quadra-Trac SRT® system.

Freedom Drive Systems

The Freedom Drive 1® 4x4 system comes standard on the Patriot 4x4 and the Compass 4x4. When the 4x4 system isn't needed power doesn't get sent to the rear axle in order to improve fuel economy. The rear-differential with electronically controlled coupling instantly sends torque to a wheel when slippage is detected letting you remain in control at all times. The Trail-Rated Freedom Drive II Off-Road Group comes with 4WD LOCK and a CVT2 transmission to give you the power to drive confidently under absolutely any condition. An electronic control module automatically detects when and how much torque is needed in the rear wheels to get you where you need to go reliably and safely.

Active Drive Systems

Active Drive I® features a disconnecting rear axle which saves fuel by only engaging the 4x4 mode when needed. This system uses advanced sensors to automatically send torque to where it is currently needed. The Active Drive II® system includes everything in the Active Drive I® system plus a 4WD LOW mode for enhanced traction in off-road conditions. If you add the mechanical locking rear differential and Trail Rated capability to the Active Drive II® it becomes the Active Drive Lock® system. This offers superior performance off-road thanks to a greater crawl ratio of 56:1.

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Jeep employs a vast range of 4x4 systems to power their vehicles through even the toughest conditions over the most extreme terrain. Extreme terrain includes our harsh Canadian winters and the icy roads produced by blizzards and chinooks. The best way to see which of the many different available 4x4 systems is to test them for yourself at Eastside Dodge. You can find us at ​815 36 St NE, Calgary, AB T2A 4W3 or call our expert Sales Staff at (403) 273-4313.