Brakes 101

Brakes 101

Getting your brakes checked regularly is one key component in keeping up to date in the maintenance of your vehicle, especially since the brakes is often the only thing between driving safely and getting in an accident. This is especially important in the winter when the roads are icy and braking is tricky to begin with. It is important to keep your brakes working well for the safety of you and your family so, for your peace of mind, bring your vehicle down to Eastside Dodge in Calgary, AB and our Service Department will be happy to take a look at your brake system to make sure it is operating safely and running smoothly.

How does the Braking System work?

The braking system in a vehicle is a fairly simple design to pick apart. Consisting of a caliper, two brake pads, and a rotor for each wheel, fluid is sent to each caliper from the master cylinder whenever the brake pedal is pressed via hydraulic lines. A piston inside the caliper is activated and the caliper then squeezes the rotor between the inner and outer brake pad. This results in the friction between the brake pads and the wheel and your vehicle slows down.

When to Get Your Brakes Checked?

There are some obvious signs if you need to get your brakes checked. There can be squealing or grinding when you brake, which means that you need to take your vehicle in for brake service as soon as possible. There can be more subtle signs as well, such as taking longer to bring the vehicle to a complete stop. In certain vehicles, the brake dashboard light will come on if you need brake service.

How Brakes Wear Down?

Brakes will wear down naturally with long term use. Sometimes they can wear down abnormally quickly for several reasons. If the rotors are worn, burnt, or have any other damage they can create rapid pad wear and need to be replaced. Cheap pads generally do not wear very long and sometimes can contain chunks of metal that eat into the rotors. Excessive hard braking, or driving with two feet and resting your left foot on the brake, can also contribute to faster brake wear. If you detect anything unusual with your brakes, don't hesitate to take your vehicle in to get the brakes looked at. This will ensure your safety on the road.

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Making sure your brakes are in good working condition is a top priority for the safety of your vehicle. If you think it might be time to have your brakes checked, there is no one better then our Certified Technicians at Eastside Dodge to service your vehicle. Visit us at 815 36 Street NE Calgary AB T2A 4W3 or give our Service Deparment a call at (403) 273-7755 to Schedule an Appointment.