The Top 10 Reasons Why Dodge Cars are Worth Every Penny

The Top 10 Reasons Why Dodge Cars are Worth Every Penny

Dodge cars are well known for their performance and sleek design. The brand features many available models for you to choose from. Aside from their power, they offer a range of safety features to keep you safe during any circumstance on the road. Advanced technology complements their bold design. Take the time today to look at new and pre-owned Dodges available in Calgary to discover these benefits firsthand.


1. Dodge Means Performance


Dodge vehicles are synonymous with high performance. Options such as the 2023 Challenger SRT can deliver 807 horsepower from its High-Output HEMI V8 engine. While it is more than many drivers may need, this amount of power quickly provides the torque needed to tackle any road.


Even the 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 engine delivers 303 horsepower and is an excellent option for everyday use. No matter what your needs are, the various engines available from Dodge all deliver high-end performance. 


2. Best Safety Features

Dodge cars come with a large variety of safety features, both optional and standard. Adaptive cruise control, hill-start assist, and electronic stability control are all ideal features that let you drive with ease, tackling any road confidently. 


A rain-sensing windshield and rain brakes keep you aware and in control, even when stormy weather comes your way. Parkview and Parksense are a great set of safety features that'll aid you when parking, ensuring you keep the exterior unscratched.


3. Advanced Technology


Whether it's the interior or exterior of the vehicle, you'll find the Dodge cars packed full of new and advanced technology working in harmony with the many safety and assistance features. The technology extends to the engine, with three different sources of oxygen delivered to it for maximised performance.


The Uconnect system allows for a suite of features, including hands-free calling and voice commands. Being easily accessible even while driving, the system provides for quick syncing of mobile devices and access to many quality-of-life features, such as SiriusXM Guardian. This feature allows for remote start from your mobile device. 


4. Delicate Designs 

The cars from Dodge all feature a design that balances power and aesthetic. Models are available with a selection of trims to choose from and a wide array of colour options. Finding the ideal design combination is simple and easy to do. 


Dodge offers plenty of variety in its designs. With varying trim levels available, including Jailbreak trims with special designs and features, there's plenty to discover at any local dealership in Calgary. 


5. Variety of Trims Available


Dodge vehicles are known for their varying trim levels, especially the Hellcat trim, which features a powerful engine and many exclusive design elements. The Hellcat tag isn't limited to one trim alone -- it forms part of two of the brand's highest trim levels, the Jailbreak and the Redeye Jailbreak. Both of these offer various features and unique design elements.


While engines and other features are available, different trims allow more of these options to come as standard. 


6. Stunning Interior Design


The interior design of a car contributes significantly to the level of comfort it provides. For seating, the Challenger option features premium cloth seating with an embroidered emblem. Similar options can be seen on other models, as well.


7. Known as a Muscle Car

Dodge's Challenger and Charger series are known as the brand's muscle cars. A muscle car is a robust, high-performance vehicle, often coming with rear-wheel drive and a large, powerful V8 engine. 


Of all the offerings from the brand, the Hellcat lineup of trims on these models most accurately fall into this description. And because of the power and design of lower trim levels, you'll still keep the appeal of a muscle car even while lowering your budget.


8. Dependable and Reliable 


Dodge is known for its reliability and care in the construction of its vehicles. The brand provides you with service for years after you purchase a car from one of their dealerships. 


Additionally, the vehicles have high reliability, which helps reduce the need for servicing or replacement. The IIHS has recognised the new lineup, as have many of the brand's previously manufactured cars.


9. Competitive Financing and Leasing Availability

Financing your ideal car can be a hassle. However, Dodge offers competitive financing options and leasing availability. The brand provides both weekly leases and monthly financing plans at affordable rates.


With a selection of trims and models available, finding an option in your budget is easy. Buy the vehicle pre-owned and save more, or contact your local dealership for more information on the financing and plans available.


10. Warranty Protection and Large Service Network 

Dodge is a brand that will stay by your side for years after your initial purchase. The care and dedication are reflected in the warranty and their service network offered. Dodge vehicles have a five-year or 100,000km fully transferable powertrain warranty. Additionally, you'll receive 24-hour roadside assistance. 


You can also sign up for one of Dodge's Mopar vehicle plans. These offer service benefits that extend beyond and complement your vehicle's warranty. With these, you'll have certified parts and service technicians available to take care of your car when you need a replacement or servicing.


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