Stellantis Intensifies Electrification

Stellantis Intensifies Electrification

Stellantis Intensifies Electrification Efforts


The automotive world has come a long way since the first vehicle was invented back in the 1800s. If the first automakers were still alive today, they wouldn't even recognize the modern vehicle today. The reason why vehicles have changed so much over the years is that the needs of drivers have changed. Today's drivers are looking for something more than just a stylish ride, they are wanting a fuel-efficient vehicle that can get them from point A to point B without having to stop at the pumps.


In January 2021, an automotive company was formed by merging the popular Fiat Chrysler Automotive company and the French PSA Groupe together. The new company's name is Stellantis and it now oversees the production of 14 different automotive brands including Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram. One of the first things that this new company has decided to do is to create a wide range of fuel-efficient vehicles. And they have a very ambitious plan on how they are going to get it done.



Stellantis' Plan for New EVs



The automotive industry continues to change. In fact, it has evolved a lot in just the last few decades. Today's drivers are more aware of how gas-powered vehicles are harming the environment. And while hybrid vehicles are a good option for fuel efficiency, many people are wanting to ditch the gas-powered engine altogether and switch to a battery electric vehicle (BEV).


Many automotive companies have already started to make their mark in this new segment, but Stellantis falls far behind the competition. This is why they have decided to take an aggressive approach in the production of BEVs.


The company is investing €30 billion (the equivalent of nearly $36 billion in Canada) to jump-start its EV production line. The money will be spent on manufacturing facilities and materials. Stellantis hopes that with its new large budget, it will be able to have as many EVs on the market as its competitors do.



How Many BEVs Does the Company Plan to Manufacture?



Stellantis hopes to have the majority of its vehicles electrified over the next five years. In fact, by 2025, the company hopes to have at least 98 percent of its new vehicles be BEVs.


From muscle cars to heavy-duty trucks, Stellantis want to make sure that all of its vehicles are able to be offered as EVs. In order to ensure that each segment is getting the proper amount of attention from the development team, the company has separated the vehicles into four different segments. Each segment comes with a certain size of battery that provides an appropriate amount of power for a vehicle of a certain size and weight.


The different EV platforms include:

  • STLA Small provides a range of up to 500 kilometres
  • STLA Medium provides a range of up to 700 kilometres
  • STLA Large provides a range of up to 800 kilometres
  • STLA Frame provides a range of up to 800 kilometres


With this new and ambitious plan, Stellantis plans to have 55 new all-electric models out by 2025.


This is great news for the loyal Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Chrysler fans. Soon, customers will be able to pick between a wide range of all-electric vehicles. If you have any questions about this new plan, please feel free to contact us today.

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