How to get your Jeep Wranger Ready for a Summer Road Trip?

How to get your Jeep Wranger Ready for a Summer Road Trip?

The Jeep Wrangler is known as one of the most adventurous SUVs on the market today. Its rugged exterior and versatile interior make this the perfect vehicle to take on long road trips, camping trips, and other adventures. Now that the colder months are almost over, it is time for you to get your Wrangler ready for the summer. Here are a few helpful tips that you can use to ensure that your vehicle is ready for your upcoming summer road trip.


Change the Tires



If you still have the winter tires on your Wrangler, it is time to change them out. Winter tires are specifically designed to get good traction on icy or snow-covered roads. However, winter tires are not especially useful when the roadways start to warm up. Instead, you should get a new pair of all-season or summer tires for your Wrangler. Be sure that you also grab a spare if you plan on taking your Wrangler on a long road trip.


Change the Wiper Blades



Winter can take a toll on your windshield wipers. The cold ice can cause the rubber on the wiper to deteriorate over time. Before you take your Wrangler on an adventure, you will need to check the wiper blades and make sure that they are not cracked or torn. If they are, they should be replaced immediately.


Check the Battery



Another thing that does not do well in the winter is your vehicle's battery. A car battery does not like extremely cold temperatures. So, if your vehicle has had to stay outside all winter long, it is a good idea to have your battery checked to make sure that it is able to hold a charge.


Check Your Brakes

Most automotive braking systems get a full workout during the winter. When drivers are having to constantly pump the brakes while traveling down an icy road, the breaks are having to work extra hard and can make the brake pads wear out quickly. If you hear a loud squeaking noise coming from your breaks, or it takes your car longer than normal to come to a complete stop, you need to have your breaks looked at immediately.


Check the Air Conditioning Unit



One of the best things about a Wrangler is the fact that you can remove the top, doors, and windshield to feel the fresh air on your face while cruising down the road. However, if you want to leave the top up, you will not want to be a long way from home in the summer and not have an AC. Before going on your road trip, you should turn on your air conditioner to make sure that cold air is able to blow at an appropriate speed.


If your Jeep Wrangler is still equipped with its winter gear, bring it to our dealership to get it ready for the summer. Our experienced technicians can change the tires, check vital components, and perform other tasks that are required in order to get your vehicle ready for your summer road trip.

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