Eastside Dodge Chrysler Dodge Caravan FAQs

Eastside Dodge Chrysler Dodge Caravan FAQs

Owning a Dodge Caravan is a great choice. Whether you've just gotten your Caravan or had it a few months, it's helpful to know more about the vehicle you're driving. You might have questions about things that you didn't think about when you were purchasing it. Let's go over the Dodge Caravan FAQs.


Can a Dodge Caravan pull a camper?



The Dodge Grand Caravan has the capability of towing a camper. In fact, this minivan is equipped to tow up to 3500 lbs. If you have a full load of passengers, it will tow a little less weight than that, but a pop-up camper shouldn't be a problem no matter how many people you have.


How to close back window in Dodge Caravan?



You can close the Dodge Caravan's rear vent window from the inside. First, locate the small rotating lever underneath and in the center of the window. Now, simply rotate the lever counterclockwise.


How to connect Bluetooth on Dodge Caravan?



It's easy to connect your Bluetooth on the Dodge Caravan. You need to press the Uconnect Phone button > Add Device > Settings. Now, Uconnect is discoverable from your mobile phone. On your mobile device, select your Dodge from the Bluetooth menu. You may see a unique PIN to enter or confirm.


How to reset oil change light Dodge Caravan?



If you need to reset your oil change light after you get your oil changed, It's not a problem. Just shift the vehicle into park, then put the ignition into the "on" position, but don't start it. Then fully press the accelerator pedal slowly.


How to set clock on Dodge Caravan?



To change or set the time, hold down the time button until the time changes to 12:30. Then hold the button until the 12 flashes and use the dial to set the hour. When it gets to the right hour, push the dial to set it. Now, you can proceed with the minutes in the same manner.


How to turn off traction control Dodge Caravan?


There may be a situation where you need to turn off traction control. You can push and hold the traction control button for about three seconds and that will turn the traction control off. If you decide you want it back on, hold it down again.


How many car seats can fit in a Dodge Caravan?



The 2021 Dodge Caravan can hold 7 passengers easily.


Is a Dodge Caravan an all-wheel drive?


The Dodge Caravan is not an all-wheel drive.


Is Dodge Caravan an 8-seater?


This minivan doesn't fit eight passengers. It is a 7-passenger van.

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