5 Benefits of Buying a Used Ram Truck

5 Benefits of Buying a Used Ram Truck

Ram trucks are one of the most popular brands of pickup in Canada, consistently riding high in the best-seller lists thanks to their power, reliability, and comfort. But you don't need to buy a brand-new Ram to enjoy all these benefits. In fact, in many ways buying a used Ram truck is a better option. Here are five reasons why.


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1) Plenty of Choice at Great Prices


New Ram trucks sell in huge numbers. Their high sales volume means we always have a large inventory of used trucks to choose from, constantly refreshed as satisfied owners upgrade to the latest models.


Buying used means you can choose from a wide range of top-quality, almost as-new vehicles, providing the exact features you want, and all at great discounts compared to new.


2) Affordable Maintenance and Repairs


The large number of Ram pickups on the road also means there's a thriving maintenance and repair market, with affordable parts widely available.


Even though a used Ram truck is a highly reliable option, it's still a fact of life that pre-owned vehicles might need a little more care and attention from time to time. With a Ram, keeping it running smoothly is much more affordable than with most other used trucks.


3) Excellent Safety on All Models


Ram has always provided trucks with strong safety records. The range averages between four and five stars on the NHTSA physical tests, and also includes advanced active features which go far beyond the average pickup.


Because the company have been leading the field in pickup safety for many years, buying a used Ram truck means you can enjoy top-level features on even the older, lower-priced models.


4) Added Perks as Standard


When you buy a used Ram truck you can often benefit from additional perks without paying a fortune for them. For example, the previous owner may have installed tool storage options, a bed cover, or any number of other valuable extras.


With a used truck, you usually won't pay anywhere near the full price of these additions. Shop carefully and you can get a fully fitted-out pickup for much less.


5) Proven Reliability, Capability, and Comfort


Lastly, however great a new truck looks in the showroom, buying a current model always involves at least a bit of risk. New models may have hidden design flaws or mechanical weaknesses that will only show up after months or years.


When you buy a used Ram, you can guarantee that any wrinkles have already been ironed out. You can check online reviews to make sure that the truck has stood the test of time, and that it will provide you with the levels of capability and comfort you need in a workhorse truck.


Buying a Used Ram Truck in Calgary


For all these reasons choosing a pre-owned Ram is a great option. If you're looking to buy a used Ram truck in Calgary, our showroom at 815 36 Street NE contains a wide range of 1500, 2500, and 3500 models at competitive prices. Contact us now to arrange a test drive.

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