2020 RAM 1500 vs 2020 Chevrolet Silverado

2020 RAM 1500 vs 2020 Chevrolet Silverado

The truck market is a hyper-competitive one. Perhaps more than any other vehicle class, working trucks need to hit the right combination of capability, reliability, value, and comfort.


The Ram 1500 was named MotorTrend Truck of the Year in 2019 thanks to ranking highly in all these areas, and now there's a new release of the model available with many enhancements.


To check whether the Ram still holds its lead, we'll see how the 2020 Ram 1500 features stack up against one of its main truck rivals, the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado.



Engine, Performance, and Capability


At face value, the Chevy may seem to have an advantage in engine power with its 4.3L V6 compared to the Ram's 3.6L V6 mill. However, there's much more to performance than simple engine capacity, as these vehicles show.


Despite it's smaller engine size, the Ram 1500 is ahead in horsepower terms, pushing out 305 hp compared to the Chevy's 285 hp. This greater power is passed through a TorqueFlite 8-speed automatic transmission for a smooth drive, while the Chevrolet features a less impressive 6-speed automatic.


Despite the difference in the powertrains, the capabilities of each vehicle are fairly close. The Ram edges it in payload capacity, with a maximum of 1045kg compared to the Silverado's 1036kg. The tables are turned when it comes to towing capacity, with the Chevy managing up to 6090kg versus the Ram's 5795kg.


Cargo Management


But payload capacity isn't the end of the cargo story. The Ram is equipped with several innovative cargo management features which help to make the most of the space available.


  • Two-door multifunction tailgate that opens to 88 degrees.
  • In-floor storage bays for even more cargo capability.
  • Upgraded RAMBox Cargo Management System for secure storage of equipment and other valuables.


Fuel Economy


A key point to note is that despite the similar capabilities, the Ram 1500 has much better fuel economy performance, with a combined rating of 10.2L / 100km compared to the Chevrolet's 13.8L / 100km.


Ride Quality


While the Chevy's engine has a little extra punch, the Ram's more advanced transmission gives a smoother ride that feels stronger and more responsive. Combine this with active noise cancellation technology to quieten the cabin, and the Ram offers a superior driving experience.


Interior Features


While the performance and cargo capabilities of a truck are vitally important, a comfortable interior makes work days pass more easily. The Ram scores heavily in this area, boasting high-end features including a 12" touchscreen, powerful audio system, and the advanced Uconnect 4C NAV infotainment system.


In contrast, the Silverado is very much a bare-bones working truck, with little in the way of comforts beyond the basics.


Summary and Test Drive in Calgary


Both the Ram and the Chevrolet are solid, capable trucks which won't let you down in daily work. However, the cargo management features and better fuel economy give the Ram 1500 a strong edge, and the much higher comfort levels seal the deal.


To test drive the 2020 Ram 1500 in Calgary, click here to book an appointment or call into our showroom at 815 36 Street NE.

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