2020 Dodge Journey | Performance, Features and Price

2020 Dodge Journey | Performance, Features and Price

Enough Space for a Splendid Ride


Get ready for a Dodge that wants to unite families, resolve busy schedules and improve the psychological and emotional well-being of every driver it meets. Offering 7-passenger seating to fit in plenty of friends and relatives, as well as second-row 60/40 split-folding rear seats to accommodate bulky cargo, that compassionate, reliable and irresistible Dodge is the 2020 Dodge Journey.


One thing that makes this vehicle great for long road trips, short commutes and everything in between are those remarkable Dodge Journey features. Filling the cabin with tunes through its radio 4.3 Multimedia centre, the Journey lets everyone enjoy the ride without any awkward silence. And when it's time to switch songs, the driver can do so effortlessly with the steering wheel-mounted audio and cruise controls.


More than just spacious, the 2020 Dodge Journey is truly comfortable, providing each passenger with plenty of leg and head room and supporting each person's back with ergonomic seats. If that kind of comfort sounds good, find the perfect Dodge Journey in Calgary at Eastside Dodge.


2020 dodge journey interior


Unbelievable Prices for Unsurpassed SUVs


Though it may be hard to believe, the 2020 Dodge Journey starts at just $23, 318 with the Canada Value Package. That price marks the purchase of much more than just a vehicle. It is the amount that denotes countless memories of amazing family trips, quality time on the road together, amazing stories told as the miles slide by, and a feeling of tranquil, happy togetherness. Invest in the future of enjoyable memories by finding a Dodge Journey in Calgary.


Ready for Rougher Winter Weather


Sometimes, drivers luck out and spend entire winters driving over clear roads that have been freshly plowed from a minimal amount of snow. Of course, those weather conditions are a rare occurrence, and definitely not a miracle that can be relied on year after year. To be prepared, the 2020 Dodge Journey comes with front-wheel drive and an engine block heater, to keep the winter blues out of its driver's heart.


Taking on Tidal Waves of Heat


In the middle of summer, scorchers in the city can be unbearable, and without the right kind of vehicle, it;ll be a tough time getting around and staying cool. Luckily, Dodge Journey features sunscreen glass, as well as air conditioning, the two summertime necessities. The air conditioning provides front dual-zone manual temperature control and air filtering, making each ride a breeze and each passenger a happy camper.


Coasting Into the Digital Age


No-one is willing to make two grocery trips, but trying to open the trunk one-handed takes Herculean feats of strength. Until every driver develops that indestructible musculature, the 2020 Dodge Journey can fill in and offer assistance through Keyless Enter 'n Go™ with proximity entry. Once the groceries are safely tucked away, this feature also offers a push-button start, making it even easier to get home. And smartphones are also supplied with their necessary nutrients while they're in this Dodge, because it provides three 12-volt power outlets for all crucial charging needs.

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