2020 Chrysler Pacifica Performance Features and Price

2020 Chrysler Pacifica Performance Features and Price

SUVs might be today's most popular family vehicle type, but sometimes they can feel like a compromise. Even though they're larger than a standard car, fitting the advertised seven or eight passengers into them can often be a squeeze.


2020 chrysler pacifica features and Price



In contrast, a minivan can provide genuine comfort for a larger family, from the kids in the back row right up to the parents in the front. One of the most popular family minivans is the Chrysler Pacifica, and the model has just been updated for 2020. What are the features which set the Pacifica apart?


Interior and In-Car Tech


As you'd expect from a minivan aimed squarely at families, the Pacifica is generous with interior features and conveniences. Seating is spacious on every row, with up to eight passengers accommodated in comfort, reducing to seven if the optional captain's chairs are fitted in the second row.


2020 chrysler pacifica interior



But whichever seating configuration you choose, there are plenty of helpful features like cup holders and storage pouches to make longer journeys pass comfortably.


Up front, an 8.4" touchscreen controls Chrysler's Uconnect multimedia system, with features including Blu-Ray, DVD, and mp3 playback, radio, Bluetooth, and a wireless headphones system. The rear seats also include flip-up touchscreens for entertainment, with both movies and games available for individual passengers to keep everyone happy.


Cargo Capacity


Pacifica cargo capacity


Cargo capacity is the second huge benefit a minivan offers over a mid-sized SUV. Even with all eight passengers onboard, the Pacifica still offers a generous 911L of storage behind the third row. With the second and third rows of seats tucked neatly down to floor level, the cargo capacity increases to a mammoth 3978L, making this one of the most spacious family vehicles on the market.


Under the Hood


The standard gasoline Pacifica is powered by a 3.6L V6 engine which generates 287 horsepower and 262lb-ft of torque, passed to the front wheel drive via a nine-speed automatic transmission.


There's enough power available to make handling confident and stable in a minivan of this size, but it's also a good compromise of performance and efficiency which leads to fuel economy figures of 12.4L / 100km in the city and 7.8L / 100km on the highway.


Under the Hood



However, there's also a plug-in hybrid Pacifica option available, which pairs the same gas engine with dual electric motors and variable transmission. The all-electric range of 50km is enough for small errand runs and so on, and under these conditions the motors are responsive and powerful. With a full gas tank, the total range of the hybrid is an estimated 830km.


However, as with most hybrids, the real benefit is in better fuel consumption, with the EV Pacifica achieving a highly respectable 7.9L / 100km for city driving and 8L / 100km for highway.


2020 Chrysler Pacifica Pricing


For 2020, the entry level trim is the Pacifica L which starts at $34,045. The top-level gas model is the Limited 35th Anniversary Edition costing $49,590, while the Hybrid model makes an appearance starting at $52,795.


Ready to buy a minivan? Contact us to arrange a test drive of the 2020 Chrysler Pacifica in Calgary, and see for yourself why you should choose it over a SUV.

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