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2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

One of the most famous off-road SUVs already has a new version: the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe. This is a hybrid model, which runs on gas, but has an EV battery for extended autonomy. Indeed, it’s the latest PHEV-SUV released by this car maker. If you already loved the 2022 version, come with us and check what’s new for the 2023 model.

Performance and Driveability

All trims come with an Intercooled engine (Turbo Gas/Electric I-4), and 2.0L/122 of fuel displacement. It’s a potent vehicle, with 375 hp and torque capacity of 470 lb-ft and over 2,700 kg of towing capacity. Its fuel consumption is comparable with other vehicles of the same kind, sitting at about 10 km/L (city) and 9.0 km/L (highway).

The vehicle’s autonomy is extended by a battery that can power the car up to 10 km when the fuel is over. All models come with eight-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel drivetrain. Drivers can choose between three driving modes: Electric, Hybrid, and eSave. While the first two do exactly what they say, the eSave mode saves the electric battery and runs only on gas.

This mode also allows drivers to choose between two sub-options: Battery Charge and Battery Save. The vehicle changes automatically to the hybrid mode when the battery is running off.

This vehicle can be charged using Level 1 and Level 2 ACs, with a maximum charging rate of 7.2 kW. While Level 1 AC can take up to 12 hours to charge the battery completely, Level 2 takes only two hours. The battery pack has 17.3kW of capacity.

Interior Details

This Jeep brings a few improvements in interior features. The main one is arguably the 10.25-inch front passenger touchscreen on the dashboard. It’s an additional screen which helps the co-pilot with navigation, cameras, and of course, a lot of visual entertainment.

The new models also have entertainment options for the rear seat drivers, with a built-in HD FireTV. There’s considerably more storage space in the front bins as well. Backseats are foldable for increased storage space.

Tech and Safety Features

All trims have superb tech features and are compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Regardless of the trims, buyers will get two LCD screens, Uconnect External Memory Control, and steering wheel controls.

Additionally, all models have a 10-speaker sound system. Upper trims can be upgraded to a premium Alpine sound system, and come with real-time connection with traffic services and noise control.

Available Trims and Price Range

Get wallet-ready for your next hybrid off-road SUV. Go to your local authorized dealership, and find more information about trims, specs, and prices. You can also book a test drive and see how it feels to drive the newest 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe.
Trims Prices
4xe $75,185
Trailhawk $77,595
Overland $81,590
Summit $87,090
Summit Reserve $89,290

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