2016 Dodge Challenger

2016 Dodge Challenger For Sale Calgary, AB Re-Creating a Classic

For the past several years, Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge have all been focused on re-creating some of the classic car options that helped to drive the success they currently have. For Dodge, that iconic vehicle is the Challenger. After changing up the exterior look a bit in 2015, the 2016 Dodge Challenger builds on that by adding a huge amount of variation in the available colors, wheels, and overall trim packages. This helps the average car buyer create a Challenger that is unique to their style and preference.

2016 Dodge Challenger Models

Exterior Excellence

As mentioned, the options for the exterior are significant. There are 11 different color options and 14 different wheel options, all designed to individualize your car; more importantly though, Dodge has managed to recapture the magic of the 70's model Challenger with its design choices on the exterior. There is a slim front opening that prominently showcases the split grille design, and on either side are projector style headlights. The hood features a variety of options for a prominently displayed scoop or bulge in the center. The 2016 Challenger embraces the larger blocky look that it is so well known for through its numerous design choices that really drive home the "muscle" in muscle car.

Inspired Interior

The numerous configurations and trim packages for the interior allow for a wide variation in the end look of each Challenger. No matter how you chose to customize, the central focus is the fully customizable digital display as well as the easy to use infotainment system. The touchscreen seamlessly links with most other devices as well as offering other perks such as voice activation and eyes free usage. But what sets the 2016 Challenger aside from competitor's muscle cars is just how roomy the vehicle is. The backseats are not sacrificed as they are in other vehicles. This means the Challenger is much better suited for 2 or 3 passengers and even for longer distance/duration rides.